Transatlantic Paintings: London & New York

Anna-Louise Felstead MA (RCA)

27th November 2019 – 22nd January 2020

Anna-Louise graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003 having received first-class honours from Central Saint Martins. Over the years she has been described as a reportage artist for her work is created mainly on location. These paintings are then reworked back in the studio on a much larger scale.


This exhibition will be a combination of abstract cityscapes in oil, screen prints and limited edition giclée prints depicting well-loved London and New York landmarks.


“I was born in London and for many years I painted a variety of scenes of the city, from dingy strip clubs and cafés in Soho to glamorous London restaurants in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. In 2013 I moved to New York and suddenly my work changed from small reportage ink on paper paintings to large oil on canvas abstracts. Living on my own in Manhattan and reading books like Patti Smith’s 'Just Kids' inspired a huge shift in my style and I became obsessed by capturing the skyline from various skyscrapers as well as painting moody night time scenes of the city. When I moved back to London in 2015 I saw the landscape through new eyes, suddenly appreciating the history and architecture more than ever before. My desire to create large colourful abstracts of two such eclectic, cosmopolitan and vibrant cities hasn’t wavered and I am excited to share this new work in November."

Anna-Louise Felstead.jpeg

Dialogue with Colour

Giorgi Baramidze

18th September – 13th November 2019

For this show Giorgi did “present several themes: landscape, still life, portraiture and abstract works.

My inspiration is drawn from my immediate surroundings and the people I meet, whether it is a holiday in France or my current home in a small village in rural West Sussex with many old houses and twisting lanes. I wake up to the view of the South Downs and take walks along the banks of the River Arun which meanders down to the sea. My studio overlooks an orchard of quince and apple with ever changing seasonal colours
which provides me with constant inspiration.”

still life_with_daffodils - Giorgi Baram
still life_with_flowers_&_bananas - Gior



17th July – 14th August 2019


Marika Kerätär​

The key themes in Marika’s work are emotions, appreciation of ourselves, acceptance and personal growth. In this forthcoming show she explores the idea of appreciation encouraging us to think on it’s meaning, what we appreciate and whether we feel appreciated. Her aim is to create works that are simultaneously calming and empowering. An impression of flowing water is present in many of her paintings.

Blue - Marika website image.jpg

Marika Kerätär​

The Black Series: Night Swims

Corn Shuk Mei Ho

The concept for this work emerged late one evening whilst swimming far offshore of Lantau Island, Hong Kong, when Corn observed the many-layered darkness of the sky and the sea unspoiled by artificial lights. The characters in the paintings are depicted as though they are nocturnal creatures … their emotions mirrored by the reflections cast on the surface of the waters, drawing a line of correlation between water, as a physical element, and as a symbol for the depths of the human psyche.

Corn - June, 2008, Surrey , Oil on canva

Corn Shuk Mei Ho


Diversity: Lois Bellew, Terry Donaldson, Chris Griffith, Madelaine Hutchin,

Elaine Izod, Joan McQuillan, Barbara Phelps, Marian Spencer, Julie Winter

1st May – 26th June 2019

Diversity is a group of nine textile and mixed media artists based in South East England who exhibit together on a regular basis at a variety of venues.

As a group, and individually, the artists aim to produce work which provides a fusion of contemporary and traditional textile art for exhibiting, while continuing to develop and experiment with their own ideas and techniques. Meeting together on a regular basis, the group members offer each other support, exchange ideas and have an opportunity to have their work critiqued if requested. 

Vitrine 1 'Laden'. The Freight of  Memor

Louis Bellow

Chris Griffith

Madelaine Hutchin

Elaine Izod

Terry Donaldson

Joan McQuillan

Barbara Phelps

Marian Spencer

Julie Winter

The Joy of Colour & Light

Ginnie de Vroomen

Wednesday 27th February 2019 – Wednesday 17th April 2019

“Exploring my relationship on the edge of, and within, the landscape forms the impulse for most of my paintings.


My design training has had an immense and I think beneficial influence on my painting. Starting with how I look at things, I instinctively analyse line and form. Even when I work very freely, with no preliminary drawing or strong image in my head as to the eventual painting, I still find myself automatically considering colour balance and composition.


My painting style has evolved naturally along two main paths.


Abstract versus representational? I have never felt that one shuts out the other. They are simply different approaches to seeing and feeling, and for me there are infinite, meaningful ways of exploring both paths.


Sometimes I feel set apart from what I see as an observer on the outside, primarily fascinated by the transforming effect of light, yearning to capture the spirit of the moment, and to interpret the rhythms and patterns inherent in nature.


But I also paint to communicate my sensory experiences, especially when I am somewhere familiar – the associations and memories the landscape conjures up in my mind. The concepts then are not from a single viewpoint but infused with the intricacy of my physical and emotional involvement within a particular place – and this has led on to increasing abstraction.”

memories of venice 1.jpg