Liam Devereux

22nd February until 8th May 2021

This series of prints began life in a tall Victorian terrace with a Hitchcock-esqe view over neighbourhood gardens where Liam lived in North London. The subject matter of typically urban nightlife has long been an inspiration, and has continued into a body of work that started in London but spreading further afield.

It draws influence from old British comics as much as the likes of Edward Hopper, and its ‘pulp fiction’ execution of a stripped down, halftone colour palette gives the work a very unique feel. Printed on recycled card, each piece has a grainy quality that benefits greatly from being
seen up close.

Born in Merseyside, Liam has spent most of his career in amongst the design houses of London. A commercial illustrator, he has created work for American Express, Spotify and Lloyds Bank amongst others but continues to develop distinct styles in his own work.


Liam Devereux1.jpeg
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