Steph Smith

8th September until 19th November 2021

The main subject of these paintings is the reflection of landscape on the surface of rivers, ponds and lakes. As many of the titles suggest, they also record the passage of time.


Here, as with all of her work, Steph has created several versions of an image - both large and small - using various media. Each painting informs the making of the next in the series.


Process is key in these works. They are as much about the sensuous materiality of the paint as the subjects and landscapes they evoke. Steph applies oil paint in a variety of consistencies ranging from thin washes to areas of thicker impasto. Working from drawings, photographs and memory, many layers of oil paint are applied, scraped away and reapplied until the desired mood is achieved.


Colour, too, features strongly. Whilst in some works the colour of the paint is subdued, others use heightened, vibrant colour combinations to express the feeling, or experience of being in a particular place.  The resulting work is an emotional response rather than a representation of a real view.


This multi-layering of translucency and the suspension of pigment on the surface of the canvas makes it seem almost as if the reflection of the trees may sway in the breeze and the blossom will disappear into the water.  

Steph 1.jpeg
Steph 2.jpeg


Steph Smith is a contemporary artist based at Wimbledon Art Studios in London.


The recurring themes of moonlit forests, glowing streetlights and snow falling on watery depths originate from Steph’s childhood in North East England and Northumberland, with it’s dramatic landscape and expansive waterways.


She originally trained as a ceramicist before developing painting as part of her creative practice.


Steph has exhibited widely in group and juried exhibitions, and has work in private collections in the UK and overseas.

Contact information:

Mobile: 07946508258



Kate Marr

14th July until 31st August 2021

​Kate Marr's exhibition focuses on the theme of ‘Light’ within the Dorset and Hampshire coastline and landscape. Kate is a professional artist from Bournemouth and aims to create paintings which bring joy to the soul and heart. During the past year of lockdowns and limited travel Kate has focused on painting local scenes, reflecting on the beauty and liveliness of nature with its atmospheric, vibrant and dramatic views and bold contrasts in light. Her pieces show the varying weather throughout the year, with colourful summer moments to stormy days. Works completed through the lockdowns were inspired by walks, sketches and imagination. More recently, with restrictions lifting, some pieces were created en plein air. Her works are painted in oils, watercolours and mixed media.


Artist Kate Marr

Mobile: 0790 503 3025 



Jan Lee Johnson

18th May until 6th July 2021

A solo exhibition of paintings prints and drawings exploring history, intrigues and scandal using narrative subject matter through artefacts, landscapes and portraits. 

The ‘backstories’ of Jackie O’s archived clothes, the English idyll of the young Romanovs, the scandal of Lady Isabel Burton’s legacy and death are some of the themes explored, imagined and revealed in paint and compelling research.


“ Laden with confidence and colour, her paintings seduce and lure us in through masterful brush marks, teasing us to piece together a constellation of visual clues and interpret each specific tale. And Lee Johnson really can paint – her techniques, her unique paint marks and use of colour and texture her in the rarified company of the likes of Peter Doig and Dexter Dalwood.......”

Anna McNay, writer, Art Quarterly.

Jan Lee Johnson lady.jpeg
Jan Lee Johnson shoes.jpeg



Liam Devereux

22nd February until 8th May 2021

This series of prints began life in a tall Victorian terrace with a Hitchcock-esqe view over neighbourhood gardens where Liam lived in North London. The subject matter of typically urban nightlife has long been an inspiration, and has continued into a body of work that started in London but spreading further afield.

It draws influence from old British comics as much as the likes of Edward Hopper, and its ‘pulp fiction’ execution of a stripped down, halftone colour palette gives the work a very unique feel. Printed on recycled card, each piece has a grainy quality that benefits greatly from being
seen up close.

Born in Merseyside, Liam has spent most of his career in amongst the design houses of London. A commercial illustrator, he has created work for American Express, Spotify and Lloyds Bank amongst others but continues to develop distinct styles in his own work.


Liam Devereux1.jpeg
Liam Devereux3O.jpg
Liam Devereux2O.jpg