Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Kate Marr

14th July until 31st August 2021

Kate's exhibition will focus on contemporary seascape paintings inspired by the beautiful Dorset coastline. Oil paintings, watercolours and drawings will show beach life with human interest, and vibrant and stunning atmospheric sea and skies with contrasting light to dramatic effect. Her pieces will show the varying weather throughout the year, with colourful summer moments to stormy days, giving the viewer a real sense of feeling of life by the sea.

On Reflection

Steph Smith

8th September until mid (tbc) November 2021

Reflections of moonlit forests, glowing sunsets and flurries of snow, or blossom, on  watery depths, are recurring themes in this exhibition of paintings by Steph Smith.


This selection of more than 40 works, exploring subjects from nature and landscape reflected on water, has particular resonance with the Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace which sits beside a water feature and a dock that flows directly into the River Thames.

Signature XII


2022: dates to be advised

The concept is to cross boundaries using a visual dialogue, with the aim of dispelling and challenging the perception of textiles as purely craft or design and promote them as a valid and thought provoking art form relevant to today.

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