Nina Dolan (MA) originally learnt to paint under John Wynne-Morgan in Spain, and later graduated from Chelsea School of Art and Bath Spa University, with first class honours for her BA and MA.  Immediately out of University, the Contemporary Art Society showed her work in their Exhibition ‘Art Futures’. She then went on to exhibit with Beaux Arts Gallery in London and other galleries and museums in England.

In the early 1980’s Nina set up The School of British Art, running lecture courses on contemporary art. Nina also advised The Prince’s Trust on their art auction and has donated art works to various charities over the years.

In 2019 Nina won the “Best in Show” prize for her mixed media work ‘Tranquil Radiance’ at the Royal West of England Academy. She was invited to participate in a Q&A for their magazine which explains her technique and influences and can be viewed at: https;//

Nina’s Paintings are often autobiographical moments; observed experiences rather than representation. Life experiences of living in Spain, Italy, Africa, the Middle East and visits to India have influenced her work as well as her immediate surroundings in England. “I like to approach painting with a sculptural dexterity, characterised by poured paint, thick broad brush marks, constructed through a process of layering. Often I spend days working with colour and then will create an undercoat of vibrant glazes, before covering it with an entirely different composition. Sometimes these built up surfaces take months and through the evolution of painting I see another shape. Working this way somehow reminds me of film, unravelling. Emerging from the harmonious colours; shapes reveal themselves or hideaway behind the surfaces.  I am looking forward in sharing my journey with the viewer in the beautiful surrounding of Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace.”

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