Jan Lee Johnson

6th May – 30th June 2020

A solo exhibition of paintings, prints and drawings.


“Images of iconic artefacts, portraits and eclectic subject matter are imbued with narrative, scandal, intrigue and humour.”


Themes explored delve into the ‘backstories’ of the artefacts/people depicted, such as the social history of Doc Marten boots, or the secret archive collection of clothes of Jackie O …stories that form part of the paintings.

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Kate Marr

8th July – 25th August 2020

Kate's exhibition will focus on contemporary seascape paintings inspired by the beautiful Dorset coastline. Oil paintings, watercolours and drawings will show beach life with human interest, and vibrant and stunning atmospheric sea and skies with contrasting light to dramatic effect. Her pieces will show the varying weather throughout the year, with colourful summer moments to stormy days, giving the viewer a real sense of feeling of life by the sea.

Signature XII


16th September – 10 November 2020

The concept is to cross boundaries using a visual dialogue, with the aim of dispelling and challenging the perception of textiles as purely craft or design and promote them as a valid and thought provoking art form relevant to today.

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