Alexi Marshall, Simone Kennedy Doig,

Sarah Batey, Emma Green

Curated by Alexi Marshall

28th November 2018 – 23rd January 2019

A show which explored both the carnival – atmosphere, masquerading, and release – with that of the carnivalesque – where moments when traditional rules and order are put aside, the world is turned upside down, and the routines of daily life are suspended.


Celebrating painting in its many forms, these four artists with diverse styles came together in a celebration of difference as elements collided and worlds collapsed onto one another. CARNIVALE! reflected these forms and carnivalesque spirit in displaying paintings from figuration into abstraction, common threads subtly weaving through a carnival of works.


The exhibition consisted mainly of painting in its traditional form on canvas, with drawing, embroidery and print incorporated, breaking up the canvas on wall.

Alexi Marshall

Simone Kennedy Doig

Sarah Batey

Emma Green

Dogs and Landscapes

Sally Muir

5th September 2018 – 31st October 2018

Artist Sally Muir is based in Bath, UK. She is a prodigious portrait painter of dogs – she also paints human portraits, and landscapes, as well as the occasional rodent and bird.


She says: “My approach is to keep it simple, less is more is what I try to aim for – doing things succinctly.”


For her forthcoming show, Sally will present paintings and drawings of dogs and landscapes … some very large, some very small … in oils and charcoal, from life and imagination.

Exhibitor at Royal Academy of Arts 250th Summer Exhibition, 2018

Sally Muir- Podenco.jpg

Fragments of Light

Matt Ayling


In this exhibition Matt presents a collection of works made over the last year. Nearly all the new works refer to photographs taken over ten years ago. A series of black and white images display shards of mirror hanging amongst the needles of a pine tree. The resulting abstract works depict graphic, linear forms that could almost be described as landscapes. Whether jagged rock faces or cascading waterfalls they always seem to be drawn from nature although the artist rarely draws from direct observation. 



An exhibition of work from two artists

4th July - 15th August 2018

Time in Between

Martynika Bielawska


Martynikas' paintings focus on the stillness, steady rhythm and small movements of daily life. They tell the story of a moment in life of a couple in the city. Most takes place in an apartment surrounded by furniture and personal objects. This apartment becomes a place of rest, of work and of personal sanctuary. Her works show moments of quiet and calm – a time that has probably been forgotten – a ‘time in between’ if not captured on canvas.

Martynika Bielawska


Martin Hatcher

11th April 2018 – 23rd May 2018

Fascinated by the visual emotion of paint over digital imagery, his 2018 London exhibition 'Snapshot' is a series of works photographed and edited to uniform dimension against a backdrop of original canvasses to highlight the argument.


The explosion of condensed colour both excites and questions his pre-conceptions demanding an emotional response which was unexpected yet welcome.


Having originally trained as a graphic designer, Martin revisited art later in life taking the direction of free movement without constraint, letting colour and free flow travel across the canvas.


The journey continues .....

Martin Hatcher


Diane Chappalley, Kim Harvey, Robert Mead,
Lucian Strindberg

24th January 2018 – 21st March 2018

In this group show each artist explored how their practice responds to the idea of the Detour and how their painterly processes reflects differently upon the idea. The detours we take in navigating our practice and the decisions we make in solving problems come to define our ways of making and the destinations at which they arrive. This show brought together a diverse group of painters and followed up on the routes and detours they have taken in their work since each leaving the painting programme at the Slade School of Art.

Diane Chapppalley

Lucian Strindberg