Beatrice Hasell-McCosh, Emily Ponsonby,
Clementine St John Webster, Rosalie Watkins

A group exhibition curated by Emily Ponsonby

22nd November 2017 – 17th January 2018

“Illogically, the colour of a person’s hair leads our imagination down a specific channel. Reds are fiery, brunettes are faithful and safe and blondes just have more fun. But do they? What happens when we dye our hair? Does it give us permission for our character to morph, for us to take on a persona which is not our own?”


Having searched the streets of London for characters with “fabulous heads” of hair this group of female artists painted from life capturing the stories behind each sitter.

Mise-en-Scène transforms the ArtSpace into a theatrical stage, slipping between the infusions of domestic and public, interior and exterior, banal and imaginary. Through a wide range of mediums, the five exhibiting artists explore the performativity of images and objects, as well as their visual logic of narrative construction. References to literature, history, and personal encounters subvert and inform one another in space: fusing ambiguous imagery with objects of ambivalent functionality. The stage is set waiting for the play to be activated by the viewer’s imagination.

Sound piece created by Roy Immanuel:




Bea Bonafini, Beatrice Lettice Boyle, Yvonne Feng,
Roy Immanuel, James Metsoja

A group exhibition curated by Yvonne Feng

20th September – 15th November 2017

Bea Bonafini

Oliver Hurdman / Federico Monticone

Mixed Media Show of Textiles and Photography

16th August – 6th September 2017

Oliver Hurdman

Contrasting Surfaces


Influenced by the contrast between different architectural surfaces, Oliver presented his process as a Textile Designer. With the design of fashion fabrics as an outcome, the viewer was invited to share his journey from initial primary research through to finished fabrics and prototypes.


The variety of mediums and techniques used within Oliver’s work reflected his passion for such contrast.  It is his aim as a designer to marry both traditional and contemporary techniques, creating a varied yet cohesive body of work.


Granting equal importance to process, alongside finished fabrics, Oliver presented through the mediums of drawing, sculpture, constructed material and printed fabrics.  Each area of his work had the ability to be viewed as a singular piece or in reference to another; the key cohesive feature throughout the exhibition was design focused aesthetic.

Instagram: @oliverhurdmandesign

Federico Monticone

Fragility of Nature


Federico’s passion for nature, seen as an endless source of curiosity and inspiration for his photographs, is at the heart of all of his work.  Regardless of equipment or style, Federico always starts from a scientific knowledge and perspective only to let his own meditative and romantic inspiration take over.


The collection presented a series of images gathered while drifting around the world, all born from the desire to translate into photographs the beauty, harmony and fragility of nature.


Nature’s majesty was captured on different levels, from a macro shot of a bunch of leaves on your doorstep to a wide angle forsaken landscape.  Viewers were guided through the lens to linger on the natural world that too often appears distant, almost separated from our frantic lives, but that has been accompanying us since the beginning of time.


Federico’s wish is for his images to be an inspiration to help reconnect to this magical world.

The Royal Variety Adornments

A solo exhibition by Endless

26th April - 19th July 2017

Bridging the gap between street art, fashion and advertising, Endless has always looked for diverse ways to deliver his message through creativity. An honest representation of modern day culture, the work of Endless is often observational and neutral in its ethos.

With many connotations within the work, the viewer is taken on a journey, while the opulent aesthetics bring a comforting and familiar feeling.

This solo exhibition depicted the British Royal family, past and present, and presented them within the Endless fashion and advertising style, bringing a relatable relevance and playful nature to each image.

A true celebration to the British Monarchy, the Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace was chosen to display the works. The locations close proximity to Royal landmarks made it a perfect space to present the visual delights.


Transience Captured

Karen Greville-Smith

15th February – 12th April 2017

We welcomed in spring with an exhibition of still life pictures in the form of drawings, mono prints, watercolours and oils, based on a floral theme.

Artist Karen Greville-Smith makes still life and landscape works in oil paint and soft pastel that reveal her love of colour, her interest in surface pattern and her skilled observation of the way that shapes interlock to create form. Her still life pictures isolate objects and manipulate scale, colour and shadow in ways that are visually seductive but perhaps hint at solitary interior landscapes. Her landscape works are inspired by colours in nature and the sunlight on water that she experiences during regular visits to Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly. Her un-peopled seascapes are studies in lightness and brightness, aspects that Constable named as 'the essence of landscape'. Recent studies from nature are made in mono-print and stitchwork. Karen works in the community and is regularly invited into schools during their Arts Weeks where she works with a wide range of age groups and runs insets for teachers. She also runs art workshops for young people in a mental health unit.