Winter’s Wind

30th November 2016 – 25th January 2017


A group show staged by four London based artists - Jayem Won, Charlotte Lindsey-Cook, Richard Magee, and Tom Wynn Owen - all currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Different methods of collage were explored with mixed media and techniques including painting and drawing, layering of different images, exploring digital photography and manipulation using computers and portable devices. The concept of collage was expanded in a more three dimensional and sculptural sense which featured works that used stained glass and experimented with installations using light and windows.

Waiting Room

24th August – 26th October 2016


An exhibition collaborating young contemporary artists from leading art schools in the UK:  
Slade School of Fine Art, University College London
The Ruskin School of Fine Art, University of Oxford
Brunel University London

"The participating artists' work was a direct response to the use of the transitory, 'in-between' quality of the exhibition space as the conceptual platform. Aiming to encapsulate and transform a somewhat dormant location into a site for reflection and dialogue, the work physically interrupted the viewer to engage them. Resulting in an activation of not only the space’s liminal character, but the facilitation of an on-going organic conversation."

Young Masters

28th June – 21st August 2016


Entitled Young Masters, this exhibition showcased ten artists from locally based Quantum Contemporary Art - the works of varying styles included studies of interiors and architecture; travels to distant lands and beautiful, dreamy landscapes

Future Relics

Wednesday 20th April – Wednesday 22nd June 2016


Future Relics was our inaugural exhibition showing artwork from students of the Slade School of Fine Art 


Their work centred around objects with an appearance of being created in the past, but in being “imbued with technological elements from the process” hinted at both the present and the future

Nayoung Jeong

Emily Lazerwitz

Miguel Miceli

Sam Llewellyn-Jones